Black truffles have been used in human consumption since the times of old Greece and Rome. Their popularity decreased in the Middle Ages when the Church proclaimed them as a work of devil. Louis XIV was responsible for black truffles' return to plates of richer people all around Europe and later the world. 


They are mostly used in French, Italian and Spanish cuisine but you can also taste them in Istrian region of Slovenia and Croatia.
We added pieces of black truffle to cashews and created a delicious snack which also got the award for best snack at Wabel Grocery Summit 2017 in Paris, France.


Black truffle originates from southern parts of Europe. The biggest producer with almost a 50 % share of world production is France, followed by Spain and Italy. 

It grows in forests of oaks and beech trees, 5 - 50 cm under surface.


Truffles are one of the most expensive edible mushrooms. 

The best quality truffles are collected in nature. In traditional method they are found by trained pigs and dogs. Female pigs are drawn to truffle scent as it is similar to male pig pheromones. Because most of pigs would end up eating the truffles, trained dogs are now more widely used to search them.