Odlično energy bombs


For a good start to the day or a dose of extra energy before training, Odlično energy balls, prepared from the very best ingredients, are ideal.

200-300 g of almonds Odlično
50 g of flax seeds Odlično
50 g of pumpkin seeds Odlično
50 g of sunflower seeds Odlično
30 g of chia seeds
150 g raisins and cranberries Odlično
1 tablespoon of chocolate chips
2-3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
2-4 teaspoons of coconut flour
40 g of coconut butter (room temperature)
50 g of coconut oil (melted)
50 g of maple syrup


Roughly grind almonds and flaxseed, then add whole pumpkin, onion and chia seeds, mix in raisins and cranberries, chocolate drops, cinnamon and coconut flour. While mixing, slowly add the softened coconut butter and oil and finally the maple syrup. Mix the mass well at medium speed so that all the ingredients are soaked and start to stick to the "dough". The mass is then formed into balls of any size, placed on a tray and put in the refrigerator for a few hours to harden.

Bon Appetit!